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One Mission. Purpose. Team.


Mission. Purpose. Team.

Dedicated to protecting luxury.

Protect and track your goods, as if they were always by your side!

ExpoAlert aims to provide companies with a solution that solves the inventory difference problem once and for all.

ExpoAlert crede che le aziende non debbano essere private dei loro beni inguistamente e lavora quotidianamente a trovare una soluzione ad un problema non ancora risolto.

Global Security & Innovation

ExpoAlert is a global team of security experts with proven expertise in designing and developing innovative solutions for businesses and professionals worldwide.

A Global Team

With successful projects around the world, we are able to provide services globally.

Based in Milan & Switzerland

In the beating heart of two countries pioneering innovation

Track Record

Leveraging success to create a new product range

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Our Values


ExpoAlert works day in day out to make its invention a global standard, aspiring to compete in the most coveted markets by working with the utmost commitment.


Everyone at ExpoAlert is dedicated to do their job well by managing all relationships at every level with fairness and transparency,


ExpoAlert believes that people are the foundation of success. Strong relations and clear and open dialogue are essential elements for a team that aspires to aim high and achieve extraordinary goals.


“Enjoy what you do and never work a day in your life.”


ExpoAlert avoids any discrimination based on gender, age, disability, nationality, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, political opinion and any other form of diversity.