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You will never again be afraid of not finding a product in your warehouse.

Finally the Security You Were Looking For.

The ExpoAlert system reduces thefts and optimizes inventory management of high-value products (picking) in the storage rooms and warehouses of logistics companies.

The system is made up of a network of IoT devices and a software app, downloadable on any Android or IoS device. The devices, which have a rectangular and are a few centimeters high, are placed on shelves, and the goods are then placed on them. The specific sensors, embedded in the device, recognize and store the physical characteristics of the good which are then saved on the app, updating in real-time the quantity of goods placed on the device. If anyone wants to remove a good, without in app authorization, the owner is immediately notified of a possible theft and can act upon it before it’s too late. .

Additionally, the system recognizes and time-stamps the moment when a person adds or removes products from the device, providing a real-time stock-keeping update of the goods.

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Flexible security to suit different needs!

ExpoAlert offers a solution that ensures maximum security for managing products in the warehouse.

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ExpoAlert is a system designed and developed to not be invasive whatsoever: customers has the possibility to customize their devices by size to maximize the warehouse in accordance to its layout.

The ExpoAlert system is designed to work in large businesses. Each employee has a nominal PIN which is used to lock and unlock devices. Each time an action on the device is made, the system records the event and time-stamps it.

One of the main benefits of the ExpoAlert system is its speed and ease of use! A matter of seconds, just like unlocking a phone (an action that is done on average 80 times a day)!

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